Heartbreaking Story: “ I just... I just don’t find her attractive anymore...”

"I wanted to die!"

The words tore into my stomach like a knife. Hearing my husband Steve talk to his buddy on the phone about how he no longer liked the way I look sent me into a whirlwind of anxiety & depression.

That wasn’t even the worst part... the part that hurt the most was jokingly, he said to his friend... “ Have you seen Martha on Hanover Street? Yeah! She's looking gooooood!!! ”

Listening to my husband admit to his friend that he wanted the neighbor, but not me... well... I didn’t want to live anymore... Instead of ending things, I searched desperately for a solution.

Honestly, I wasn’t even mad at my husband... how could I be? I really let myself go... I was just jealous as hell that he wanted Martha, but not me. When I was at my absolute lowest and most depressed is when I uncovered 1 odd solution that helped me transform my body from “fat” to “fabulous” in just 3 short weeks!


I was never an overly jealous woman, I obviously didn't like for my husband Steve to look at other women, but lately quick glances turned into stares.

It was so obvious that he wasn't happy with how I looked, but I never thought it would lead to him thinking about cheating.

But to play devil's advocate, if he had gained over 130 pounds... I wouldn't look at him the same either, I just don't know if I'd cheat...

But if I completely and utterly lost physical attraction for him, what would I do? What could I do?

Through thick and thin right? But would my marriage turn into a ball and chain? Is that how marriage should feel?

After thinking about it... it wasn't right for me to continue ballooning so big that he was disgusted with me.

He deserved a woman that he was proud to show off... not someone who he tried to hide. Yes! We've had situations that he told me to sit in the car because he was embarassed of me.

As mad as I was at him... I didn't blame him... my confidence and self-esteem was shot...

Well, long story short... I dropped over 120 pounds and dropped Steve...

He didn’t deserve me at my worst, he sure as hell didn't deserve me at my best!

More on my story...

But first...

Do you want to look and feel better than you have in years? The solution you’re about to discover will reverse the aging process and it’s why some are calling it a “Fountain of Youth”

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